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Event planning is hectic. We keep you organized so you can be successful! Our online management tools will keep all of your logistics, lead capture, client and staff interactions, as well as inventory and contracts automated and streamlined for your entire planning process.

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We’re used worldwide by the leading event professionals including event planning agencies, photographers, DJ’s, caterers and many more.

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We have plans to fit any size company and offer 24/7 support for any and all plans. You’ll also have access to all of our user guides and videos to get you started using Eventbooks.

What people are saying...

Bob G.

"We run a large operation with over 60 DJs spread out across 6 cities and a sales team which has had as many as 5 people on it at a time. EventBooks has always remained a solid foundation behind our business as we've scaled and have gotten through many busy wedding seasons because of it."

Kris Y.

"EventBooks has been a tremendous tool for our business! We run a DJ company, a videography company, an event design company, and a booking agency though this powerful website. It combines a multitude of administrative programs into one and saves us a ton of time. Thank-you EventBooks for providing such a stellar program to meet all of our evolving needs in the event industry!"

Mike L.

"In videography, these programs cost thousands a year. Your price is VERY affordable and EventBooks has everything I need to run my business!"

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